Insect Point!

Here at Inspro Foods, we cannot tell you how excited we are about the recent opening of Insect Point in Holland.

This innovative collaboration involving the Application Centre for Renewable Resources and the Applied Plant Research Department at Wageningen University are looking to address some of the major issues facing insect farmers and insect food producers around the world. If we can get past the problems of scale and farming efficiency to bring down the price of insect proteins to mass-market levels, we can really start to see the benefits of this amazing food source brought to the Western consumer.

That’s what Inspro Foods is all about and we look forward to becoming involved in the project.

Exciting work

Here at Inspro Foods, we’re always excited to see innovative uses of insect proteins in forms which remove the “Ew!” factor for western consumers.

As such, we’re very happy to see the Bug Chef‘s new piece in National Geographic on fun and innovative insect recipes.

The more of this we can encourage, the faster we’ll spread the word of the benefits of insect protein.

Canada Day!

Happy Canada Day!

It’s an exciting day for us for many reasons. Our new website is up and running and Ripple Design has done a great job on our new logos and images. We think it looks great.

With the completion of our funding agreement, our first full time employee starts today (well, tomorrow, allowing for the holiday).

More content will be coming very soon as we aim to get the message out there about the benefits of healthy, nutritious mealworm-based food products.

New developments

With July approaching, Inspro Foods Inc has made some important steps. We’re in contact with some exciting partners to bring a mealworm-based product to the Canadian market in a very short time frame.

Part of the problem in mass-marketing insect protein products is the “Ew!” factor. Purists prefer to leave the product looking natural which we applaud. However, the developed world consumer does not appear to be ready for this.

As such, we welcome the work of those like-minded individuals who want to move into processed insect protein products.

Check back soon for more news.